THM-Deep-S Cookie Roundup

THM-Deep-S Cookie Roundup
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All your favorite Keto THM-Deep-S Cookie recipes unite!

I firmly believe there should be healthy cookies for ALL Trim Healthy Mama fuel settings, including THM-Deep-S! But, THM-Deep-S cookie recipes can be a little more challenging to create (and perhaps that’s why there are so few out there) because THM-DS is such a restrictive fuel setting.

THM-DS is extremely low-carb, and so are these cookies!

While THM-DS may seem quite restrictive, it is a very powerful fuel setting. It focuses on fat-burning and is extremely low-carb, even more so than keto. While almond and coconut flours are often used in keto/low-carb baking, nuts and nut flours are not allowed in THM-DS, due to their marginal carb content.

My THM-Deep-S cookie recipes use a combination of high-fiber, zero net carb oat fiber and high-protein, zero carb whey protein isolate/collagen instead. This makes for a high-protein, high-fiber and essentially zero net carb cookie that’s 100% delicious and satisfying! Woo-hoo!

Each THM-Deep-S cookie recipe is 0.7g net carbs or less per cookie! And the Lemon Protein cookies are only 0.1g net carbs per cookie! These may be the lowest net carb cookies in existence!

THM-Deep-S cookie recipes are rich in pure, fat-burning fats and are high-protein

The DS in THM-DS stands for “deeply satisfying” for its emphasis on pure, “deeply satisfying” and fat-burning fats, such as coconut oil, butter, etc. Each of my cookie recipes are rich in these pure, fat-burning fats. They’re almost more of healthy fat bombs that taste like cookies!

Yet they’re also like protein bars, too! Whey protein isolate and collagen peptides are stars in these cookie recipes. The Peanut Chocolate Protein Cookies are 5.5g protein per cookie!

Don’t forget your veggies!

Each of my THM-Deep-S cookie recipes are also rich in the darling of the nonstarchy/low-carb veggie world – ZUCCHINI! That’s right, they all have shredded zucchini baked into them! Since oat fiber and whey protein isolate/collagen can be very thirsty “flours”, the zucchini helps keep these cookies moist and delicious, while also providing all the healthy fiber and nutrients (while being extremely low-carb) that zucchini has to offer.

The THM-Deep-S cookie recipe line-up:

Protein Chocolate Chip Cookies Keto THM-Deep-S

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This is the recipe that started it all. Rich, buttery and satisfying, like Grandma’s chocolate chip cookies, but without the sugar, gluten or carbs, and are high-protein, to boot! And, even with homemade sugar-free chocolate chunks, they are less than 0.7g net carbs per cookie!

I recommend making your own sugar-free chocolate chips/chunks for these since store-bought sugar-free varieties are not technically allowed in THM-DS. But, another option is to dip the cookies in melted Skinny Chocolate (basically cocoa and coconut oil) and place in freezer until chocolate hardens. They remind me so much of the fudge-stripe cookies I loved as a kid! 😋

Fudgy Protein Cookies Keto THM-Deep-S

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While store-bought sugar-free chocolate chips are not allowed in THM-DS, cocoa is allowed. So I wanted to make a cocoa version of my popular THM-DS Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe. Collagen and coconut oil are the stars of these cookies – so they are completely dairy-free – and they are incredibly rich and fudgy! And only 0.5g net carbs per cookie!

Lemon Protein Cookies Keto THM-Deep-S

#keto #lowcarb #sugarfree #glutenfree #highprotein #nutfree

These are my lowest net carb cookies yet! Only 0.1g net carbs per cookie! But they’re bursting with flavor and have a buttery, sugar cookie crumb, but without the sugar!

Peanut Chocolate Protein Cookies THM-Deep-S

#keto #lowcarb #sugarfree #dairyfree #highprotein #glutenfree

Last but definitely not least, these are perhaps the richest and most decadent of all the THM-Deep-S cookie recipes. A small amount of defatted peanut powder (within THM-DS limits) is added to make that irresistible peanut butter and chocolate combo while also adding extra protein. The Peanut Chocolate Protein cookies are 5.5g protein per cookie, yet are only 0.7g net carbs per cookie!

I have delicious THM-Fuel-Pull cookie recipes, as well! Don’t forget to check them out, too!

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